Minggu, 14 Februari 2016

Written Note of Batu Tara Volcano Expedition Tour

batu tara
Batu Tara eruption at night photo by Galih Jati
There is a small island on the middle of the Flores sea. The small island is located very-very far away from the mainland of Flores. There, we found an unforgettable fantastic view of an erupting volcano that we never see with our own eyes. The name of the place was Komba island, explained by our Guide. It is just a small isolated island with rocky beaches around. On the north part of the island there is an active volcano called Batu Tara. This volcano was somehow attract us to stay longer because it gave us spectacular eruptions. It was on November 2011, we sailed on a traditional wooden boat made by Bajo people to the eastern islands of Indonesia and we were very lucky to watch many beautiful strombolian eruption of Batu Tara volcano which occurred every 20 to 30 minutes.

batutara eruption
Strombolian Eruption of Batu Tara photo by Galih Jati
This special volcanic island is a young volcanic mountain rising up from the sea bottom. It similar with the Anak Krakatau but when it starting to appear at the sea surface is unknown. The surrounding sea bottom of the island is around 2,500 meters below the sea level. There are no other island close around the pulau Komba. The highest point of the volcano is around 748 meters above the sea level. Therefore, the volcano is actually 3200 meters high if it measures from the sea floors.

The local fisherman call the island as Pulau Komba, and call the volcano as Batu Tara. Batu means Rock and Tara means Fire. Many of the fisherman are afraid to go near the island because the island is believed as a haunted island. As they come close, they will see rock on fire and blast noises that make them afraid. Surely, Batu Tara Volcano is a very active volcano. It produces a very spectacular strombolian eruptions that can be enjoyed from distance of course.
sunset at batutara
Beautiful Sunset at Komba Island photo by Galih Jati
Evening light made a spectacular view. Its a combination of beautiful sunset and the ash plume from the eruptions. As the light gradually gone, the natural firework show begun. We were relaxing and enjoying our afternoon coffee just about 500 meters from the volcano, facing directly in front of the erupting crater. It was an unforgettable memory to hear the thunderous sound of each strombolian eruption, to see the throwing of red lava blocks, and to save the superb moment with our camera.   

It is quite be difficult to get to Batu Tara unless travelling on a chartered boat. The sea shore are rocky, very difficult to land. Just contact javaecotravel.com for the best arrangement expedition tours to Batutara.